Updates to American Royal Tea!

It’s been busy!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that American Royal Tea has been down for some much needed upgrades. So much has been happening behind the scenes, not to mention a full blown global pandemic. Yikes! (I hope you and your friends and family have been staying safe as you can given the circumstances.)

Some of the changes at American Royal Tea are visual, that is, graphics, website, etc. There are also more products carrying the updated branding!

In addition to the changes, I hope that you’ll participate in the growth of American Royal Tea and my commitment to personal wellness, sustainability, fair-trade, and organic, non-GMO products!

Here are some of the changes:

One Size for Tea

Now there’s only one size for tea! 1 package of tea will yield 48 teaspoons! One teaspoon of tea makes a fantastic cup of tea. You can use more teaspoons for a stronger brew.

Premium and rare teas will cost more, but you’ll receive the same amount! 48 teaspoons!

One Size for Coffee

American Royal Tea’s new coffee and chicory brand comes in one pound sizes –after grinding.


Payments are now handled through PayPal, WooCommerce Payments, and/or Venmo.

Some items have the option of paying in installments using PayPal.

Hospitality Wholesale

If you are in food hospitality, i.e., restaurants, cafes, hotels, airlines, etc., you are eligible for a wholesale account with American Royal Tea. You can receive 20-25% off of five or more pounds of tea or chicory coffee. Wholesale is not available for repackaging for resell or rebranding for retail. Wholesale may only be used for beverage preparation and sold directly to the customer as a prepared beverage.

Retail Wholesale

American Royal Tea has specific collections available for reselling to the public, whether through a brick-and-mortar store or online. Retail sales must sell in original packaging provided by American Royal Tea. Retail stores may not rebrand American Royal Tea.

White Label Reselling

American Royal Tea does not have a white label program, that is, you may not purchase American Royal Tea and repackage it as your own brand.

Lifestyle Brand

American Royal Tea has a lifestyle brand called The Bon Vivants Life (The Good Living Life) in partnership with Contrado.

There are also non-beverage items available online, specifically, apparel, soaps, candles, and lifestyle-related items. Non-beverage items may be managed by third-party sites on behalf of American Royal Tea.

Newsletter Provider

Subscriber updates were previously provided by Flodesk. Though Flodesk is a fantastic brand for creative and visual communications, I had to re-evaluate and balance visuals and communication administration. Communications for subscribers are now facilitated through Mailchimp. Current subscribers should not see a difference other than where to unsubscribe or manage your communications from American Royal Tea.

Upcoming Changes

Donation Option

Some items may be purchased, and a portion of the proceeds donated to charities and nonprofits pre-selected by American Royal Tea.

Fundraising Program

American Royal Tea is currently working on a fundraising option for approved charities and nonprofits. For example, a group may sign up to fundraise by directing their supporters to purchase selected American Royal Tea products where a portion of those sales go directly to the registered program. Charities and nonprofits must be registered as a nonprofit or have a fiscal sponsor in order to be eligible. Subscribers will be notified when this option is available.


Subscriptions are on deck for American Royal Tea! Never run out of tea or coffee, or just discover new beverages!