Fuss-Free Pricing

Life is too complicated to deal with fussy pricing. American Royal Tea now has one size pricing for loose leaf tea: 8 fluid ounces.

Teas have different weights which would drastically impact pricing.

Hear me out…

If we weighed a standard 8 ounces, that would be one-half pound. Most people can relate a half pound by how much coffee they buy. But let’s think about it: a half pound of coffee beans is much different than a half pound of ground coffee. In the same calculation, a half pound of tea leaves is much different than a half pound of dense coffee grounds.

This is why I chose volume vs. weight in measuring tea. The pricing may still vary depending on the type of tea or infusion, but the amount of tea is consistent across the inventory.

Everyone easily understands 1 U.S. Cup or 250 mls.

Sample Sizes

If you’re interested in other teas in my inventory, but you don’t want to purchase a full package, then you can also order sample sizes to try it (1 fl. oz. – 6 teaspoons).

Bulk Sizes

Bulk sizes (16 fl. oz. – 2 Cups) are available.


If you are in the hospitality industry, you can order bulk sizes at wholesale. You’ll need a seller’s permit number and more information to setup an account.

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