• Dressing for Tea ...It's Kind of a Big Deal

    Tea etiquette and events are gaining popularity in the United States, but some of us need a little guidance.
  • American Royal Tea™ & the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

    A match-a made in heaven! American Royal Tea™ provided prizes for the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island! The Jazz Age Lawn Party embodies the same independent jazz age spirit as American Royal Tea™. A weekend filled with fun, style, music, performances, and basket lunches under the sun. Many thanks to Analucia, Blake, and, of course, Michael Arenella. I'm looking forward to our future partnerships and collaborations ...!

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  • American Royal Tea™ Selected for Prestigious Dinner Event at the James Beard House


    The Iconoclast Dinner Experience selects American Royal Tea™ to help fête trailblazers

    San Francisco, CA, April 13, 2017– American Royal Tea™ was selected to help fête food, wine, and spirits trailblazers of color at the prestigious The Iconoclast Dinner Experience (IDE) in New York. American Royal Tea™ will be one of the featured gifts for the invitation-only honorees and guests. The IDE is a series of signature events in Chicago and NYC broadening the conversation to include the diverse voices from throughout the globe making significant contributions to food culture. This year’s series in New York, NY, will feature award-winning journalist Tamron Hall, a VIP reception, a 7-course meal, authors, and over five global food honorees.

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    American Royal Tea™ believes in promoting and using only 100% organic, non-GMO herbs, spices, roots and flowers, and in supporting organic farmers and workers in the United States for sourcing and producing its high quality tisanes.

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  • American Royal Tea is rebranded!

    The response to American Royal Tea has been great and my customers love the delicious blends of 100% organic tisanes and teas! My teas started from a small batch of carefully selected herbs, florals, spices, roots, fair-trade black, red, and green teas that were presented to family and friends during the holidays.

    The unique blends and presentation soon became viral and more people started inquiring about my teas. They loved the impromptu explanation of how grocery store teas are often just dried out "fannings" ...or a better description "tea dust" that's left on the floor after the real tea has been collected. I also explained how some teas and tisanes have dubious origins and can be easily adulterated with other fillers and lower grade products. 

    Commitment to Non-GMO, Fair-Trade, & Organic

    I made it a point to bring my customers the best tasting, small batch tisanes and teas that had a clear point of origin. I work with American organic farmers who produce non-GMO, heirloom herbs, roots, florals, and spices, and all of my black, red, and green teas are 100% organic, fair-trade and traceable teas only from India, Sri Lanka,Nepal, South Africa, and Japan.

    With the increasing word-of-mouth about my tea, I decided to brand and market my tea to a larger audience. I conscientiously decided to focus on American farmers and produce and needed something that embodied the spirit and vision of a proudly American-made product while exemplifying the independent, creative, and inspirational American image. I took inspiration from the 1920s jazz age! Jazz is a purely American art form and the popularity of the jazz age inspired a world that was independent, sparkling, diverse, and innovative. 

    American Royal Tea is Born

    I named my new business American Royal Tea and the brand and tea blends use imagery from the jazz age in creative ways!

    I've continued that vision and enlisted the services of 99 Designs to flesh out a new logo.

    The winning logo was created by B O S S ( ! The incredibly creative design is a modified tea pot, but conveys the nouveau retro brand of American Royal Tea.


    New Packaging

    The new packaging for American Royal Tea will prominently display the new logo on primarily matte black packaging and tea caddies.Special packaging may include gold tins or different colors limited/special blends.