Purveyor's Vision

For years, owner Adrienne Anderson began crafting herbal blends (tisanes) in San Francisco, California, for private clients and as gifts . In 2012, she decided to take her beloved blends to the public. The American Royal Tea brand was born out of her belief that only the best ingredients should be used in order to enjoy the best qualities that nature has to offer.

The Brand

Ms. Anderson needed a brand that embodied the vision of her blends as not only a delicious and soothing beverage, but as also an ode to the American spirit and history of tea as a focal point of social amity, hospitality, and gatherings.

American Royal Tea introduces everyone to sustainable, organic, fair-trade, and premium herbal infusions and teas. By sourcing organic farmers, the American Royal Tea brand guarantees a worry-free and healthful way to enjoy the refinement of a cup of tea!

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